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Season kick off!

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Micke and Adde are on their annual season kick off, having a good time on the slopes and planning for all the coming races. This years races have been added to the race calendar on this site, have look to see when and where Team Kågered Racing will appear!

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Second place in the second race today for Adde which takes him all the way to third place and bronze medal in this years V8 Thunder Cars championship! This is very well done by Adde and his team and we couldn't be happier.

The race season is over and we look back at 2014 with pride as it has been a great year for both Adde in the Camaro and Micke in the Top Fuel dragster. Silver for Micke and bronze for Adde makes 2014 one of the best seasons in a long time. Next year we aim for the stars!