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MICKE KÅGERED RACING have the pleasure of working with a number of fine companies. Our business partners have been carefully selected and are all successful in their fields. We have continously refined our concept over a long period and we are happy that our company stays busy. To us that indicates we are on the right track and we work hard to keep it that way. For us sponsorship is much more than placing stickers on a race car. As we have been working with market communication and sponsorship issues since 1995 (in our current constellation), we know that sponsorship must be of mutual benefit to all parties involved to be succesful.

Our key idea is simple and no secret. We focus on gathering companies, non competitive to each other, that find their clients and customers in similar consumer groups. This way we can often assist in a very cost effective way and be useful for more than one company on any given occasion. It also helps in building long term business relations, which is a key to stay successful in business no matter what field you are in. At least that is the way we see it.

Although the European drag racing season basically operates six months per year, team Kågered´s concept work on an all year round basis. The mix of activities is another key to success when assisting our business partners. Emphasis during the race months is on activities around the race tracks and road shows. In between races and during the rest of the year, focus is on exhibitions in cooperation with and on behalf of our sponsor companies. Participation in major public- and trade shows as well as road shows and smaller exclusive one-day activities can be arranged to fit any purpose. We also work with other aspects of market communication on a daily basis.

We are among the leading companies in motorsport in Europe, when it comes to the number of activities we participate in during a normal year. We like to keep our minds open and flexible in order to assist our business partners in a good way at all times. Thanks to many years experience, we can often assist with valuable advice when it comes to planning exhibitions, road shows and other customer related activities. We also care for performing it- partly or all the way.

We are always interested to make new connections and to develop our operation further. Do you represent a company, non competitive to our business partners below? Can you relate to our thoughts and would you like to find out if cooperation with us could be of benefit to your company? Please feel free to contact us for an open minded first discussion. You will find our contact details on the contact page.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to learn more about our current business partners below!


BILMETRO www.bilmetro.se

BILSPORT Leading Scandinavian motorsports magazine www.bilsport.se

BILLACKEN I MJÖLBY www.mjolbybillack.se

CH INDUSTRY www.chindustry.se

CHAMPION www.championautoparts.eu

CUSTOM RACING www.customracing.se

DEFA www.defa.com

ENGSTRÖMS BIL www.engstromsbil.se

FRISTAD www.fristads.com

FÖRSVARSMAKTEN www.forsvarsmakten.se

HAULOTTE www.haulotte.se

JE PISTONS www.jepistons.com

KAMA FRITID www.kamafritid.se

MIDLAND OIL Swiss company with many oils and lubricants for professionals. www.midlandoil.se 

MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOLS Heavy Duty cordless power tools www.milwaukeetool.se

MITUTOYO SCANDINAVIA Precision measure instruments www.mitutoyo.se

NORDIC WELLNESS www.nordicwellness.se

SCANIA HYR hyrlastbil.scania.se

SPECAB www.specab.eu


SPEEEDGLAS www.3msverige.se

SPIKEN www.spikenservice.se

SMARTAB www.smartab.com

S:T ERIKS www.steriks.se

SVENSK CATER www.svenskcater.se

SWEDFARM ÄT ÄGG www.swedfarm.se

VIKING LINE Ferry operator Sweden-Finland. Leisure, business trips or pure transportation-Viking Line has it all! www.vikingline.se