Micke Kågered Racing - Dragracing and V8 thunder Car

Team Kågered

MICKE KÅGERED RACING is based in Sweden, Scandinavia within easy reach of most of central Europe. Our home base is located outside Linköping, two hours drive south of Stockholm.

Among our merits are five European Championship titles in FIA Top Methanol funny car (a car we sold in 2007). Since 2001 we operate in the FIA Top Fuel dragster category- the Formula 1 of dragracing. Team activities consist of participation in the FIA European Championship mixed with exhibitions, road shows and events.



Mikael Kågered
Top Fuel Dragster Driver

“Micke” as he is mostly nick named, started his drag racing career in 1983. He had a few years off to compete in rally as a co-pilot, but returned to drag racing in 1989 and chose to compete in the top methanol funny car class. After five European champion titles, Micke felt it was time to try something new. Therefore, in 2001 he also took on the task of piloting a top fuel dragster. At first Micke doubled as a pilot in both funny car and dragster for the seasons 2001 and 2002, before he signed up Niclas Andersson to pilot the funny car the seasons 2003-2005. Micke is a trained technician on office equipment by profession and also owned and ran a marine service company, before he decided to focus and work with drag racing and team activities on a fulltime basis. That was in 1996 and his company is currently busy on an all year round basis, working with a number of leading companies when it comes to different aspects of market communication. In between races Micke often gets the chance to prove he is a skilled and allround mechanic. He also holds licences to drive our transporters and occasionally double as a truck driver. At the race track however, his main concerns are to pilot the Bahco Express top fuel dragster and to represent the team. When he has a chance to relax, Micke enjoys to assemble and ride motorcycles- preferrably his chopper!


Göran”Emil” Edman
Crew Chief / Tuner
In the team since 1995

Emil, was initially in charge of tuning the methanol funny car, but since 2006 he dedicates his “racing” time fully to the top fuel dragster. It is Emil, who together with Rob Inglis and Micke works out the strategy for every run Micke makes, no matter if it is a test run or a final. Emil is in charge of ordering most parts from the US. Besides taking an active part in the team, Emil runs his own business manufacturing steel and glass parts for the building industry.

Rob Inglis Great Britain
Co-Crew Chief / Tuner
In the team since 2009

Rob has been working on nitro cars since 2000, originally for “King” Knut Soderqvist. He started out as the diver, doing the same job as Mika, but quickly became involved with the tuning side of the cars with mentor and tuner Alan Jackson. Rob can do most jobs on the car, but usually keeps an eye on the crew, then looks at the Racepak data from the run with crew chief Emil to decide what changes to make for the next run. Rob has run his own oil and gas drilling consultancy business the last 9 years from Aberdeen in Scotland where he lives.

Mika Laksela
“Diver” – engine
In the team since 2001

Mika is our “diver” and service the bottom part of the engine in between runs- quick and efficiently and in close cooperation with “upper engine” mechanics Patrik and Jocke. Mika is a heavy duty vehicle mechanic by profession. Mika also play an important role in the off season work around the race car, where he does so much more than his duties at the race track.

Joakim Andersson
Top End mechanic – engine
In the team since 2010

Joakim “Jocke” Andersson is our youngest team member, and just like Mikas’ profession is in maintenance of heavy duty trucks. He and Joel work each side of the engine, stripping off the blower and then their respective cylinder head. They then team up with Mika to remove and re-fit the pistons and con-rods.

Mark Turner Great Britain
Primary mechanic – clutch
In the team since 2011

Mark is our main clutch mechanic. He started dragracing in 1998 as clutch mechanic trained by Alan Jackson. In 2011 he joined Team Kågered and has been a great addition! Day-to-day he is a project manager for A&D Coach Systems, a company which converts luxury high end coaches which are used for football teams and other high end clients. This has gained him air conditioning and auto electrical qualifications as well as engineering and fabrication in many different material types.

Fredrik Levstad
Assistant mechanic – clutch
In the Team since 2010

Fredrik joined the team in 2010, and works as an aerospace technician for Saab in Linköping. He also owns and drives a rally car, which he races solo in the local area gravel rallies. Fredrik assists Mark with the clutch at the races, and grinds any clutch parts such as discs, floaters, pressure plate and flywheel. He also prepares clutch packs at the workshop before the races.

Kent Karlsson
Truck driving
Allround top fuel dragster
In the team since 2001

Kenta or “Gotland” as many call him, drives the transporters (with its valuable cargo) safely to and from the race tracks and is in charge of the loading and unloading of everything. He arrives early at the track and makes our pit space “race ready” with all equipment we carry before the rest of the crew arrives! During races Kenta handles a bit of everything and is also invloved in sponsor contacts and planning when it comes to exhibitions and road shows.

Royne Höijer
Mechanic, renovates cylinder heads

Pontus Herlufsèn